When is it a good time to call PBSO?

The answer is ANY TIME & EVERY TIME you witness some behavior that seems out of place in your neighborhood, around your business, or anywhere in the City. For emergencies that pose an immediate threat to life or property CALL 911.

But what about behavior that only seems suspicious? People knock on your door selling home alarms from companies you’ve never heard of. Teenagers are going door to door selling candy or magazines for school organizations you’ve never heard of. Maybe they’re legitimate, but maybe they’re just checking who is home during the day and who is not. How do you tell the difference?

Let’s say people are on your neighbor’s property when you know your neighbors are at work. They could be bona fide landscapers who are supposed to be there, but maybe they’re not. Anybody can walk around with a leaf blower! How do you know if your neighbor’s home is being “cased” by criminals?

You see a car you’ve never noticed in the neighborhood slowly circling the block over and over. Are they people looking at homes because they want to buy a house in the neighborhood, or are they looking for vacant homes they can come back later to strip? How can you be sure?

And of course, you wonder, are the “ladies” so frequently on parade up and down Dixie, Federal and maybe even your block, just out window shopping at our local merchants or are they in “business” for themselves and their “managers”? How can you know?

The bad news is that you can’t know ~ but the good news is you don’t have to. These are the times to call PBSO on the non-emergency lines and report suspicious activity. NEVER confront suspicious persons yourself. Let PBSO handle it. You DO NOT have to give your name if that makes you uncomfortable, but it’s a big help if you can provide descriptions; height, weight, clothing, what kind and color of car, what direction they were headed, etc.

When you see behavior that seems odd, suspicious or out of place -

Make the Call Y’all!
(561) 688-3400

Do it every time and anytime and never assume someone else has probably already called about it. PBSO wants to know about each and every incident and they want to hear from each and every one of us - each and every time we get that funny feeling that our homes and property may not be safe or that our quality of life is under siege.

If you would like postcards to distribute to your neighbors, contact the NAPC at napcinfo@gmail.com Cards are available in English, Spanish and Creole

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