What is the NAPC

Welcome to the home of the NAPC. We are the Neighborhood Association Presidents' Council. The Council is made up of officers and representatives from Neighborhood Associations across the City of Lake Worth. The NAPC is incorporated in the State of Florida as a non-profit organization and our mission is to support and promote our Member Neighborhood Associations .

There are three requirements for any LW Neighborhood Association or group to hold a seat on the NAPC.

1. Members Associations must be incorporated in the State of Florida as a non-profit corporation and maintain active incorporation status.
2. Member Associations must have by-laws approved by their own members and must hold regularly scheduled meetings at times and places agreeable to their own members.
3. Those Associations seeking membership on the NAPC, must meet the above qualifications and express their desire to join the NAPC by applying to the Council.

The NAPC serves as an umbrella type organization and has no opinion on how each Association individually chooses to decide matters of meeting frequency, dues or membership requirement. We recognize that what makes all our Lake Worth Neighborhoods special are the many unique qualities and challenges of each one. How each Association chooses to enhance those qualities and meet those challenges is up to each Association to decide for themselves.

Neighborhood Associations as well as Condominium Associations and Home Owner Associations are welcome to be members of the Council. Boundaries of Members Associations are set by the Associations themselves and not the NAPC. Any neighborhood group that meets the three basic requirements for Membership on the Council is most welcome.

Our primary goal at the NAPC is to encourage active and productive representation of every Lake Worth neighbor by an Association of their own choosing. Some of our Lake Worth neighborhoods are not currently served by an Association. The NAPC is dedicated to helping those Neighbors form, maintain and grow their Associations with lively and active members. We can help with the paperwork. We have sample by-laws that are easily amended to suit the needs of any Association. Each month we conduct Community Walks through different neighborhoods, distributing flyers and other information to encourage more neighbors to participate in their own Association.

So Thank You for visiting this site. If you're not sure which Association represents the neighborhood where you live, click on the interactive LW Neighborhood Map at the top of the right hand sidebar. Zoom in to locate where you live and click to find out the name and contact information of your Neighborhood Association. At the top of the Home Page above the marquee, you'll find tabs highlighting each of our Member Associations with information about boundaries, meetings, officers and directors, membership qualifications and special events.

If your neighborhood is not represented by an active Association, please Click Here to email the NAPC and we will do our very best to help you and your neighbors get started.